Class Etiquette

1.  Instructors/Black Sashes will be addressed as follows:

  • Sifu (sifu-master instructor)
  • Lao shi (teacher-coach)
  • Sihing (older brother)
  • Sijeh (older sister)
  • Other non-black sash assistants Miss/Ms. or Mr.

2.  Always answer your instructor with “yes sir”
“no sir “ or “yes ma’am” “no ma’am”.

3.  Present your bow when entering or leaving the studio and:

  • when entering or leaving the classroom you are expected to bow to your sifu/laoshi or instructor.
  • when greeting an instructor or classmate
  • before and after training with a partner
  • before and after you receive instruction.

4.  If it can absolutely not be helped and you are late to class, please wait to bow in to your instructor before entering class.

5.  It is expected that when you sign up for an activity that you attend that activity.

6.  A clean, proper uniform is required for class. Your T-shirt should be tucked in and your sash is required.

7.  Students are not to chew gum in class. Wearing a watch and jewelry is not considered part of the uniform and should not be worn in class.

8.  Please do not approach or interrupt anyone who is training.

9.  Enjoy the Tai Chi and Kung Fu lessons with the spirit of Shaolin Kung Fu.