Sifu Shawn

Sifu Shawn Smith has been involved in the martial arts since 1991. She studied under Sifu Anthony Goh .She and Sifu Tom Brocht opened the Silk Dragon school of martial arts studies in April of 2003 and she has continued to develop her studies of the martial arts since then. In addition to having been in national and international competition with an outcome of achieving high rankings from her competition she has also participated in many international tournaments in the administrative aspect of the tournament. She developed and implemented the Gift of Tai Chi Tournament which was held in Baltimore Maryland. A title of “Sifu Warrior of Honor” was given to her by the U.S. Head of Family Martial Arts Association with an award. This recognition indicated that she is a “black belt level martial artist who has significantly inspired and enriched the lives of others, through the outstanding dedication and contributions to the martial arts and community”. She has participated in tournaments as a judge for Wushu, Kung Fu and for Tai Chi/Push Hands.Judging experience has been both at the national and international level.She has many skills both in forms and weaponry in the practice of contemporary Wushu and traditional Kung Fu. Her certificate accomplishment as a black belt also included traditional Kung Fu fighting skills. She is skilled in Tai Chi forms and weapons as well as the fighting art of Push Hands.