School History

Silk Dragon’s history starts with our sifus’ training under Sifu Anthony
Goh who had trained in Malaysia and opened a school in Baltimore Md. They
both trained hard, participated in many seminars led by various martial artists located in the U.S. and from outside of the U.S. After reaching a certain level of expertise our sifus’ decided it was time to reach further out into the community by teaching in a new school. Silk Dragon was realized in April 2003 and first opened its doors in June of 2003. We have enjoyed a rich Kung Fu environment ever since. When you train here you can easily fit in, feel comfortable and have support by your Kung Fu friends and classmates. We do not have a political atmosphere and encourage learning with an emphasis on self defense and self protection. This practice instills confidence and self control in our students.  You will have the benefit of many years of instruction and Kung Fu knowledge to help guide your studies.  Our teaching skills are based on the traditional art of Kung Fu, but we also have experience in contemporary Wushu.  You will also have the benefit of the internal martial arts with the emphasis on Yang style Tai Chi and Push Hands. Our school has a great relationship with other schools in the region and participate in many tournaments and seminars, if your focus is on competition we have the experience to help you succeed and take your skills to the next level. If you are interested in weapons sparring we have experience in that too. Our sifus’ in this school are 4th and 5th Degree.  Women, men, and children enjoy themselves in our daily classes. We have developed a student-to-sifu track of training if you are interested in pursuing that path in your Kung Fu career. Our system is based on northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tien Shan Pai. There is jumping kicking, punching, sparring, forms, low stance work, strengthening, conditioning. Seniors are able to participate in our modified senior’s specific program which utilizes modified versions of our standard techniques. Come join us and become part of our history!