Our Programs

At Silk Dragon we offer a comprehensive Kung Fu program that includes both empty hand and weapons forms, Tai Chi, Push Hands and safely practiced fighting techniques. We offer a safe and family friendly setting.  Our  focus is northern style Kung Fu. We also teach contemporary Wushu.  We offer a variety of forms for our students to learn.  Our classes are designed to challenge our students both mentally and physically and allow our students to grow at their own pace. Students may start classes immediately and do not have to wait for a beginner class to start their training.  A student may train on any day the school is open, we encourage open training.  During the open training sessions, assistance is always available.

We also offer lessons in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, also known as just Tai Chi or Ultimate Fist.  What is nice is that the young and old can practice this gentle art.  While the movements may appear to be soft, slow, and flowing, once you begin to master Tai Chi you will begin to understand the martial aspects of this art. The student will begin to feel  the heath benefits from consistent practice.  Practitioners of Tai Chi have noted increased flexibility, lower stress, and increased vitality as some of the benefits from regular practice of the Tai Chi forms and meditation.

Stop by to check us out during our evening or Saturday classes.