Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What do I need to wear to my first lesson and is there anything else I will need to bring with me?


You just need to wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move around in an unrestricted manner and a pair of comfortable and supportive athletic shoes. You may want to bring along a water bottle, although a water fountain is available. If you choose to bring a bag with a change of clothes, we ask you to please store your bag neatly along the walls around the sitting area. We sell martial arts supplies so as soon as possible we ask that you purchase your school uniform.


2.    If I choose to sign up, what are the monthly fees and what classes do I have access to?


Monthly fees are discussed when you come in to see us. Silk Dragon offers competitive fees for our martial arts program. Once you enroll and begin classes you will have access to Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Weapons and fighting techniques classes. For a full list of class times and schedules check out the Schedule section found under “About Us”. We accept walk ins or you may make an appointment to discuss your enrollment. Email Us item found under the Contact Us section is available for your convenience.


3.   Does Silk Dragon offer senior classes?

YES!  We do not have specific senior classes. However, senior’s are welcome to become a member and participate in class. We are able to adjust your training as appropriate to your needs. Our seniors say they enjoy classes and it is great exercise. Contact us for more information about our classes.


4.   Do you have children’s classes?


We do not have any classes just for children, children and teenagers are included in our adult classes.  However, we do have specific techniques and tactics to help us teach your child so that they get the most out of what we are teaching.  Your child will also receive personalized attention within the class they are attending.


5.   What is the youngest age that you will accept for a student?


Since children are taught in the same classes as the adults we restrict the youngest age for participation to 8 years old. However we will consider age 6 or 7 depending on their ability to stay focused on the task at hand within the class and if the parent takes Kung Fu with them when they are in class.